Air Puppy | Hickory Shack

Hickory Shack toys are designed to fit perfectly in the palm of a child’s hand – they also fit easily into your pocket or bag when you are out and about. The seat and base paws have double-stitched and double-lined pillows of plastic pellets for aesthetically pleasing weighting of the body and pendular motion for the legs. All Hickory Shack products have clothing accessories which provide an added “interactive” and “role-play” value. All clothing is interchangeable between same size products. The clothing is made of real garment fabric (polar fleece or wool knit). Air Puppy mills its own fabrics at source. The main body fabric of the Hickory Shack range is top quality soft boa and the faux suede used for the inner ears and paw pads is called alcantara (which is also used as a seat trim by Aston Martin!) The eyes are stitched.